Mesa Engineering brings over forty years of experience and innovation to the engineering profession.

We are a research and development company founded on discovering ways to apply new technology to existing issues in order to continuously solve problems and improve operations within every industry. Our designs can be found on street corners in every major city in the world, and from the satellites orbiting Earth to the ships crawling the ocean floor.

Our innovation is founded on challenging our boundaries and refusing to accept the status quo. We provide an environment that fosters ideation, which encourages all of our engineers to pursue every thought and theory and see their projects from start to finish. The result is the autonomy and independence to chase new solutions to old problems, and deliver innovative, fresh results to our customers and the world alike.

Each engineer having over 25 years of experience and have emerged from some of the finest universities in the southwest.

From Paper to Production

At heart, we will always be a research and development company. However, over the years we have developed a versatile manufacturing and production facility that allows us to rapidly prototype projects and even produce at scale.

Full Production Capabilities

This gives our clients the advantage of quickly solved problems and an enhanced level of customer service for their investments. In addition, this method of production allows us to ensure that the quality of each item we build is to our satisfaction, so that we can service each of our clients with a superior product that goes above and beyond their needs.

Full Service Machine Shop

PCB Full Board Production Capabilities

Product Assembly and Quality Control

Working at Mesa